Beard Oils

Beard Oils

Whether you are starting out with the itchy stubble or currently have a luscious lock of flowing man mane we have you covered at Sensational Calm.

Our range of pure and natural Beard Oil is perfect for keeping that facial fluff in top notch condition. Giving your beard a soft, comfortable and healthy feel all with a fresh and sweet scent.

Our range of oils are carefully blended to help enhance, rejuvenate, condition and clean your bread.

With a list of ingredients from Apricot and Coconut to Avocado and Vitamin E our oils will aid in softening coarse hair and make your beard more supple and easier to style.

Beard Oils at Sensational Calm will not only keep your beard in excellent condition but will also make sure the skin underneath is conditioned and looked after to reduce any chances of itching or flaking.

Your beard will thank you!